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Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
First of all, Google the definition for "decisive."

Second of all, I am a Libra. I think I have a better idea of what Libras are about than you do. It seems to me as if you're simply repeating what you've read.

Third of all, yes, letting someone else make decisions for you is the equivalent of not thinking for yourself which is the equivalent of stupidity. I don't trust anyone to make decisions for me. Most people don't share Libra's strengths of reflection and objectivity. Most people operate on gut-level reactions. Do Libras make bad decisions? Yes we do, everyone does and this is WHY. Listening to other people, rather than trusting ourselves, is exactly what causes problems for us. I'm speaking from experience when I say this. I can think of specific incidents where this has happened: other people, more confident in their decisions than Libra, tell me what I should do, causing me doubt my own decision-making process, I listen to what they say and in the end, it turns out my initial impressions were right (probably because I've considered every angle). This has happened time and time again
Clearly you are operating from a place of defense. It could be because you are a Libra and you don't like the indecisive trait in yourself so now you come here with attempts to manipulate the facts, words, and so forth to fit your narrative. By the way, I find it gut bursting funny that you say I may be reading too many books then in the same breath tell me to Google as if Google is more reputable than books 😁. Anywho, anyone who has experienced a libra or studied astrology for just a millisecond will know that Libra is indecisive. The do not like to rock the boat and prefer to be indecisive than to a tip the scales. If you do not appreciate this trait about yourself than change it. We all have free will and nothing is set in stone.

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