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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

Originally Posted by craft94 View Post
If you've seen Libras make horrible decisions then yes that is probably why. Sometimes, Libras can get so afraid of making the wrong decision that they overthink it, lose touch with their intuition, and end up making the wrong decisions as a result.
Makes sense. I think, despite the fact that I am "in my head," ungrounded and feel disconnected from all things normally considered earthy, relying on my intuition comes easily because of Earth. While it doesn't seem to be commonly talked about, I feel that Earth can represent knowing -- like deep, visceral knowing. The right decision just resonates within your gut, within your body. Sometimes Mercury leads to overanalysis, but the inner wisdom usually prevails (at least for me). And, of course, Mercury is exalted in my chart so that probably helps.

Thank you for clarifying about Libras, I never fully understood how they could get cut off from their intuition (because really, it's not like they have terrible intuition)! I find that I'm always nudging them to trust their intuition more, but now I see that my approach is wrong. I never say, "stop overthinking," because I always believed that overthinking was more of a Virgo specialty lol and didn't realize this was what Libras were doing as well. Instead I say, "go with your intuition," and I think that's not what they need to hear. If it were so simple, they would already be doing it. They really need to be reminded that they are overthinking, and acknowledge that this ends up weakening all of their faculties -- not just intuitive faculties, but rational and emotional as well (this goes for anyone who overthinks, not just Libras). I know this firsthand; it's really important to work toward listening to the inner self, which is completely different from both the mind and emotions.
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