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Re: this baby -vaccination /autism risk?


Oh how happy I am to hear from you in this forum!

Another intelligent person looking into the health of out future generation. You truly care and I greatly appreciate that.

Astrology aside, I too am not a fan of the 'current' vaccination system. There are more health problems today since the increase of vaccines. I have had my side effects from a couple, and I can see the side effects it has on my three children.

Here's the problem. And this is what I believe. Im not sure what it's like in New Zealand (that's where you're from right?), but here in Australia we have a large flow of immigration, and immigrants travelling with babies back and forth to various countries. All sorts of medical conditions are travelling too.

So it's a 'damned if you do damned if you don't' and more about weighing up what's more harmful. I would prefer if they toned it down with the vaccines. And the flu vaccine is just a money making joke!

My three kids were vaccinated after birth for a while and were sick with strong viral and cough symptoms EVERYDAY! I got what is called a Conscientious Objecta Form signed by a nurse to postpone their immunisations to give my kids a dose of what it is like to be healthy and off steroid medication and cough medicine! And they were.... They have been sick free the last 9 months.
Now unfortunately like I said, due to other kids at day care having chickenpox etc im having to go back to the vaccines a little sooner than I had hoped. Funny really, I mean the kids are vaccinated for chickenpox and yet supposedly, the vaccine only 'minimises' the symptoms.

That's my story anyway. But I hear you. You have every right to be concerned because you can clearly see what's happening in this world and good on you!

Oh I forgot to say - here where I live, no one can force you to immunise, that's discrimination. So if your daughter was concerned, she could cancel it for as long as she wanted if your children were having a bad reaction.
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