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Re: Moon in Capricorn--Grrrr.... :(

Originally Posted by ThunderGoddess View Post

Because Capricorn Moon is under the unfluence of Saturn I think everyone here will find understandable that everything a person with Moon in Capricorn does is motivated and has purpose behind it. That's why we look so emotionless because we don't just throw away emotional energy for nothing. I find that very helpful considering the fact that there are a lot of people living in some emotoional nightimares they made by themselves and they can't escape them because they threw so much energy in them. They allow to be humiliated and unappriciated because they can't cool down their emotions and go on with their life. That really "great" lifetime scenario hasn't happened to me, because it doesn't matter how much I love someone, I always consciously, but most of the time subconsciously, control the emotional flow and I can stop it in any time and just leave.
Very similar to how I think of Cap Moon that I just posted in the appreciation thread. It'd be great if you could contribute there as to bypass all the nasty comments in this thread.

Originally Posted by ThunderGoddess View Post
So yeah, you probably won't find a lot of people born under this moon sign who can give you shoulder to cry on, because for them crying in front of someone is overly dramatic, but they are that kind of people who will give you advice when you are in difficult situation or will do anything in their power to better your position.
I have Cancer Sun opposed Cap Moon that makes a trine/sextile to Jupiter in Pisces, so this may be a little different for me. I find myself easily able to let people cry on my shoulder if they need to, but crying on theirs is hard. I don't think I've cried in front of someone since I was a kid. It's very hard to be vulnerable, because I feel like people won't accept that from me. But when others are vulnerable in front of me (partly because of this fear) I try to be very accepting of them.
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