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Re: Marriage indicators in Horary

Vista asked:

I would like to know as well if minor applying aspects count. Also, once you have added up all the Rulers, Exalt, Sect, Term, etc, what if you have the same number for more than one planet? Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury all add up to 5 points each in my chart. I assume one would take the most dignified planet by house and sign? In my case it would be Mercury in Aquarius in the 11th house, then look at applying aspects Mercury makes.

The major and minor categories of aspects derive from the innovative work of Johannes Kepler. Previously only the sextile, square, trine and opposition were allowable aspectual relationships. The conjunction is not strictly an aspect since this is a bodily joining of two or more sets of planetary characteristics, but generally included under this heading.
All earlier authorities had taught that the signs themselves had to be in relationship for an aspect to hold good. Aspects had to divide exactly into 360 degrees, automatically disallowing those from signs disjunct from the ascendant. This had changed somewhat by medieval times to allow the so-called dissociate aspect, where planets are in aspect but their signs are not.
The traditional method, as currently practiced, derives mainly from the orthodox system of the Renaissance period. Its leading practitioner was William Lilly and apart from one instance (a semisextile), Lilly used the major aspects exclusively in his horary instruction and judgements. He used the minor aspects quite widely for nativities, but only as points to which directions were made to ascertain future events.
Vista, as you study CA, you'll find Lilly mentions Kepler's aspects yet only in his 6th house queries does he use the note the 45 degree and the 135 degree.

There is a thread on this on skyscript yet I'm searching for it for you presently!
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