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Re: Relocation Natal Effects

I had another look at your chart. You've just had Saturn return, which might be what Lee was talking about. However, this stopped a few months ago and when you arreived in SF I don't see what Saturn transits you had. You should always ask for specifics from astrologers and not let them hide behind obscurities and vague hints. Astrologers are notorious for being oracular and deliberately ambiguous so as to have their back covered whatever happens. I had to teach myself astrology for precisely this reason - couldn't get a straight answer from anyone (and still can't!)

Going back to Saturn you have some positive transits coming up. Saturn will soon sextile the MC at 11 degrees Virgo, will sextile Mercury and will trine the IC. Saturn is not a barrel of laughs but the positive tranists should bring stability and security. Saturn sextile Mercury is also good for study. Overall, I think the SF chart looks good for you and certainly better than the NY chart.

Keep in mind that saturn will transit through the 12 house (which is OK for saturn) and will then conjunct the AC some time late next year. This conjunction can be both good and bad. It's serious and signals a lot of work but it also signals new beginnings and should be good for career.

Keep us posted.
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