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Re: Relocation Natal Effects

OMG this is too HILARIOUS!!!!!! Trust me, when I first moved to SF, I wanted to go on a MURDEROUS RAMPAGE!!!! It took like a month of constant search to find a studio apartment and it was $1050/mo, while my (now ex) husband did some internship work. I think it was around 325 sq ft. By the time I left the apartment, the rent was nearly $1100 and the new tenant who occupied my apartment paid $1500. I know this because the management company told me they'd raise to rent to $1500 and sure enough, some sucker moved into my old apartment like 2 weeks after I left!

As to why no one told you what it's going to be like? Umm... I told you in a post before you moved that I lived in SF for years. You could have asked me about it! But it's better you learn things this way for yourself. "The more you know..."
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