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Re: Relocation Natal Effects

Originally Posted by PD187540 View Post
What exactly are parans, and how I do find out which ones I have?

I know that in NY, both Saturn and Pluto conjunct the MC while the Moon conjuncts the IC.

With the Vertex, I haven't dabbled much into that particular point. In NY, my Vertex is in Leo, 7th House. In SF, it's in Cancer, 8th House.
Parans are also called crossings and they are planets that cross each on the same latitude. So if you're at a place with that latitude anywhere in the world these parans will affect you. They are not as strong as angular planets, but they do have an effect. To find out, you can use the travel page. If you click on a location, it will tell you what parans are there. If you buy an astrocartography map from a registered seller like Astronumeric services, they will send you a printed sheet with all your parans and their latitudes.

As for the vertex, I think this plays a role when it's conjunct a planet or in aspect to an angle. They say it's especially good in relocation if it conjuncts the Moon. I lived for many years with Mars conjunct IC, but I also had Moon conjunct vertex and trine IC, and this made that place my best location. I felt at home despite the expected martian troubles of unsettledness.

As regards Venus MC, I've been trying to find a job there for many years to no avail. I really don't understand what makes a place easy to go to and what makes it difficult. There seem to be some energies that make it easy to relocate to some places and difficult to relocate to others - sometimes despite the angular planets. Venus MC should be good for work related relocation, but it isn't for me.

Also, what happens when some angular planets are good and others are bad in a location? I may have an opportunity to move to my Jupiter AC line, which is supposed to be the best. But lo and behold I also have Neptune close to the MC and Saturn close to the AC in the 12th. What do I do? Trust Jupiter or look at the big picture?

In your case, you have Saturn-Pluto on the MC (not good), but Moon on the IC (good). I think in this case, tranists and progressions would tell the story.
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