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Re: Rectification Tips - Verifying Ascendant/Descendant/MC/IC angles

Originally Posted by sonia1983 View Post
Hye ,Is there anyone who can help me in birth time rectification?
I have two time of births and I am really confused which one is mine?
this chart is with 12:45 pm birth time and the other one is 1.30 pm
Could you provide the reason why at this stage you have two birth times with a three quarter of an hour time difference between the two charts i.e. confirmation required as to whether these are medical records OR memories of the event from family members OR possibly a combination of both

ALSO you have not attached your natal chart - if you would like to, it would be helpful if you attach two natal chart, one for each of the times you have given

Originally Posted by sonia1983 View Post
some events of my life.
2008 april break b.f left me
28th dec 2008 had minor surgery of right breast .
31st dec 2011 exchange of first mail to my ex b.f .we became g.f/b.f later on.
11 oct 2012 ,got a b.f ditched me.and saw his marriage /engagement pictures on 11th oct 2012.
2011 august got thyroid issue.
latest hiring on 19th oct 2011 till present.
Time is important sonia 1983

(1)so in 2008 you need to have the DAY as well as the TIME ON THAT DAY that you realised your bf left
(2) 28 December 2011 TIME that minor surgery commenced is important
(3) time of the email of 31 Dec 2011
(4) TIME on 11 Oct 2012 that you saw marriage/engagement pictures and/or TIME bf ditched
(5) DAY as well as TIME medics told you of thyroid issue
. If it was a letter what day/time was it written/received

Rectification is a complex process so the hour as well as the day, month and year simplifies - even then its not easy - there are reliable experts who can do it such as Notice that Martin Gansten, a well known professional expert on rectification requests at least 10 major events. So if you have any dates of for example events such as Graduation, Day you began first employment that would be useful.

In the meantime, as someone who does NOT claim to be an expert, I shall do my best to be of use
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