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Re: Rectification Tips - Verifying Ascendant/Descendant/MC/IC angles

Originally Posted by JUPITERASC View Post
Trutine of Hermes is another useful rectification technique - here's a brief description of the concept, and then a link to a pdf with a worked example

There's more info online and a book was published many years ago on the subject
This is a wonderful system with which I have extensively worked for many years. However, it will only work if the birth is natural. Any medical assistance that interferes with the natural flow of conception to birth disrupts this system, so things like induction and C-section will not produce accurate results and forceps delivery will often bring the first breath some minutes earlier than nature intended. Pain killers will sometimes speed up or slow down the birth to some degree, but the pre-natal epoch can still be a fairly accurate tool in these cases.

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