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Re: Rectification Tips - Verifying Ascendant/Descendant/MC/IC angles

Originally Posted by Knight View Post
ok, i see a lot of discussions and a lot of theory that "we need to see IC/MC aspects and their lords aspects,etc..." but what is a concrete set of aspects that would suggest important events in the life ?

birth of a child = say... 5th house cusp to be exactly conjunct with transiting moon or sun...
marriage (in the curch) = say... DC lord conjunct sun...
divorce = say...DC lord square venus or mars depending...

From your experience what are the obvious examples for such events ?
I know for me:
exact date and time of first hiring
exact date and time of wedding to officer
exact date and time of wedding in church (different that the previous)
exact date and time of birth for my child
and when i put them on natal chart, there are no exact orbs to, no notable aspects to IC/DC or AC/DC lords...
My mother and father, they have a range of 5 mins for my birth time that I can live with

Still, for my own satisfaction I would like to check the correctness of the birth time...
if you have the correct house system for you, house cusps are very responsive to relevant events. However, it is not always through transits.

Day Age Harmonics are the very best method I have found to date to get an exact time of birth as planets and/or angles in the harmonic chart will always trigger within a degree the relevant planet and/or house cusp. I have described what they are and how to use them here:

The relevant Primary and/or secondary and/or tertiary progressions and/or solar arc directions will be usually active and often triggered by a transit.

Oftent the date of marriage evolves from the date you first met or got together with your partner so don't overlook those charts.

And you are quite correct that the angles are not always triggered in important events; I have tested out this idea with the Jigsaw program, using event dates for recorded birth times and it has not often given the correct Ascendant and MC. The main triggers are the relevant planets and/or house cusps. For example, the main indications of a long journey would be the activation of the 9th house cusp and/or planets in the 9th and/or the ruler of the 9th; as the Ascendant is connected to the physical body and environment, there would also be a trigger to this point, but I would expect the 9th house to be the main describer of these kinds of events.

The Polaris rectification program created by Isaac Starkman allows for this in its assessments, though, from my point of view, it is handicaped by only using the Topocentric house system.

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