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Re: Sidereal vs tropical

Just read the news.

Demi Moore is taken to hospital for overdose.
To reconnect to last post about Amy wienhaus.Amy had her asc ruler in lunar mansion ashlesha related to poison.

Now Demi moore have her mars in ashlesha in her 6th house.
She is in planetary period Rahu-Rahu. Rahu is conjunct mars in ashlesha which gives health concern and poisoning.
Rahu in itself is related to drugs poision.
Rahu is placed in the 6th house which is the house of divorce and disagreement (being 12th from 7th..negating).

She have a stellium in Libra with 4 planets venus is here superstrong in own domicile..own sign a chart dominated by venus the planet of art and beauty.

Another example i think of the system working good in it's wholeness integerating the factors there in the sidereal zodiac as base.

Her pogressed MC (sa in RA method) is opposite Her Mars in ashlesha
in the 6th house. So Mars is activated now.

If one is using the western aspect system and outer planets (which I also use) one immediatly see her Mars square Neptune for poisoning.
So the event is shown in both systems.
(Her tropical stellium is in scorpio related to poison...)

Victory for Astrology !! Vedic, sidereal or tropical.. you name it !!

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