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Re: Sidereal Astrology is More Accurate

Originally Posted by retinoid View Post
My sidereal is all Libran and Sagittarian energy, which nobody would guess from tropical is a lot of Scorpio with a little of Sagittarian. Which I can see. However, in Sidereal (and Tropical) I have 5 planets in the 8th house which could explain why I have a lot of Scorpio traits.

This question is bothering me though because I think it is important for predictions. If someone asks about their career, the tenth house needs to be the correct sign and the ruler of that house needs to be in the correct house for accuracy...Like I said, I don't identify with a lot of Libra energy that sidereal bestows upon me but I have a bunch of planets in the 6th and 8th houses which can explain it. But Idk...
Not only (a) keeping tabs on current transits to/from/by natal MC planetary ruler but also (b) researching - checking back over past years for events potentially involving natal MC planetary ruler is the way to find answers to this important question in relation to prediction by contrasting Sidereal MC ruler transits with Tropical MC ruler transits.

Other important considerations are that frequently the MC ruler is in a Sign disposited by another planet - plus it is not unusual to find that the MC is located in a Sign other than that of the 10th house
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