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Re: Sidereal Astrology is More Accurate

Well if I use Sidereal Astrology, every single planet of mine, minus Saturn and the Moon are all found in the 1st House Libra. Meaning Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury are all there! The Moon and Saturn (in Sidereal) are found in the 4th House Capricorn.

What does this all mean? All my traditional planets are Cardinal and Angular in Sidereal Astrology, and my chart would implicate that I am very Venusian and Librian. Heck even my PoF would be found in the 4th House Capricorn.

The Outers are as follow in Sidereal:

Pluto in Libra
Uranus in Capricorn
Neptune in Capricorn

So using Sidereal Modernly, would still leave me with a Cardinal/Angular based chart! I don't really see myself as Capricornian or Librian in any way. Then again I don't see myself as very much Scorpionic or Aquarian either (which would be the results of my Tropical Angular Chart).

Though, with tha above statted, I can relate more to my Tropical Chart, then my Sidereal one, because with my Tropical I am a mix of Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces, which I think fits the bill for my personality much better. Well at least more than my sidereal chart which consists again, of Libra and Capricorn only.
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