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Re: Sidereal Astrology is More Accurate

Originally Posted by serafin5 View Post
If the Sun was actually in Aquarius and not Pisces when I was born that no wonder I have always identified with Aquarius all of my life! However, I do also identify with my Asc. sign being in Scorpio, I'm not sure if that changes or not.
It depends on which ayanasyma you use if your Asc degree is late enough. I personally think I'm more of a Capricorn and Pisces that Aquarius. I first thought I was more of a Pisces when I was reading Sun signs, but after a while I was like no, I like reality and responsibility and I don't like sob stories or pity, but if you mix that with Capricorn you get exactly that, a creative and intuitive disciplined person. I don't even look like an Aquarius. Aquarius are supposed to have really bright blue eyes but mine are brown and darker than most people's.
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