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Re: An epiphany about horary

Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
I don't think mine is all positive either Serendipity! Okay... this is all very new to me and is going to take me some time to absorb, but using these rules I can't see my first marriage in my chart. I got married young (at age 20). We were married for 12 years. My Sun is Occidental, which points more towards a late marriage or to someone older (he was same age as me).
That was the basic rundown.

Which if the Sun were from the beginning of Aries up to the middle of Taurus, or from the middle of Leo up to the end of Virgo, or from the middle of Scorpio up to the middle of Aquarius, and the significator of marriage were oriental, the aforesaid will come to be in her youth, or with a young man.
In Traditional, you make judgments based on testimonies, and I know you've had to have seen dr. farr do this in Horary where this is a positive testimony, this is a negative testimony, and then he looks at the total of testimonies and makes the judgment based on the number of positive or negative testimonies.

So, you have one testimony, the Sun Occidental in the Chart, showing a late marriage or marriage to an older man, but you also have one testimony, the Sun in Aries and your marriage significator Venus in an Oriental quadrant, showing an early marriage or a marriage to a young man (or a man who has not past his prime).

You have a third testimony, Venus, the general significator of marriage Angular (in the 10th House), indicating an early marriage or marriage to a young man (I have Venus Occidental, but Mars the Marriage Ruler is in an Oriental quadrant).

So that's one testimony for a late marriage/marriage with an older man, and two testimonies for an early marriage/marriage to a young man, and so you would judge that you marry early (or to a young man).

We judge the same for children. We don't just look at the Cusp of the 5th House and say, "Oh, that's a Barren Sign so you won't have children" because that would be stupid. We look at the Cusps of the 1st, 5th and 11th Houses, then at the rulers of those Signs to see if they are Barren or Fruitful Planets, and then the Signs the rulers are in, and a few other things, and we make the judgment based on the overall testimonies, so someone with 3- testimonies and 8+ testimonies we would judge to have children.

Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
I have one applying aspect to my Aries Sun, as Moon is Aquarius is applying a sextile from an Occidental house (7). This would indicate one marriage, correct?
Sun is in an applying aspect to Mars. Sun's Moiety Orb is 7.5 but his True Orb is 15 and Sun is applying to a sextile to Mars at 29 Aquarius. Now, in Horary, that aspect would never perfect, because Mars would change Signs, but we don't consider that in Natal.

You also have Mercury applying to the Sun. just 13 away, so that is two Planets in applying aspects with the Sun, and that indicates more than one marriage.

Also, the Sun in a Common or Movable Sign indicates more than marriage (no table dancing please).

Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
My Venus has one applying aspect which is squaring Mars in Aquarius, also Occidental. Is this my divorce? My Venus is Oriental (10th house).
No, it's not your divorce. However, the Moon square Sun is a testimony of divorce (just as in my chart) and also no aspect between the Moon and Sun indicates divorce.

Divorce is not the only reason someone could have more than one marriage. The spouse could die, or abandon the family.

And Yes, you're on the right track. Since Venus is the Marriage Ruler (in addition to being the general significator of Marriage [& Love]) and is Oriental that is another testimony of marrying young, or marrying a young man (or many younger than you etc).

What I see in your Natal Chart is the likelihood of more than one marriage, the likelihood of divorce as the reason for more than one marriage and the Mars/Venus aspect would suggest your men may not be as affectionate as you want them (or need) to be.

Mars is in his own Term, but there's no reception at all (Venus is in Sign, Triplicity and the Term of Jupiter).

I notice Mars is in the 10th Sign from Venus, which is I think "Overcoming" but I don't know how that would apply here. That's an Hellenistic concept that got lost in the Middle Ages.

Venus is elevated above Mars, and I think the Sun as well, because by Whole Sign Venus is in the 10th Sign while Sun is in the 9th Sign (and House by Whole Sign).

That would suggest you would have the upper-hand in relationships and marriage in particular
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