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Re: Need horary help - will X and Y ever get back together again?


THis is my first time on this forum, heard from 23, who gave me help regarding some issues that are troubleing me.
23 was talking about me, but I wanted personally to state my problem.

I am anxious for some info regarding my problem.

I am Cappy and was involved with Cappy woman. We met on 8th January 2005. In same time we had Jupiter conjucting Pluto and her Saturn was conjucting ASC.

Looking at synastry chart, Her Vertex conjucts my ASC and Neptune, while my Vertex conjucts her Vertex.

SHe is in new relationship last year and some months. We broke for nothing and it left bad taste to her and me.
I try to reach to her, but with no effect. Still there was secret calls, passing by's from both, and most of all contacts on the street practiclly from nowhere and every few weeks. It was hapenning in last year.

I sent her a last mail week ago...telling her that I still love her and after all that has been said, and from my side she is special to me and I forgive to both every bad move and everything from past.

What bothers me, is transits till March 2007 and some and beyond. But this period till March 2007 is very strong for both. Escpecially this November and February next year.
Problem is that we have strong transits in same time and we are not in contact.

I just want to know is there connection with our transits, what could happen with my transits and last, is there anything between us, atleast possibilities?

My info:

26th December 1976, 6:15 AM, Zagreb, Croatia

Her info:

5th January 1979, 5:25 PM, Zagreb, Croatia

Thank You,


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