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Re: Introduction to Retrogrades (Astro Psychology Oriented)

Venus Retrograde occurs approximately every 20 months when, for about forty days, Venus travels in reverse motion. Of course, it doesn't really move backwards, but only appears to do so from our point of view here on earth.
If a person was born the day of a Venus station, about to turn retrograde, it means that they will experience the Venus Retrograde in their Progressed chart for the first 40-43 years of their life.(A progressed chart is where the position of the planets in the sky one day after birth is the progressed chart at age 1; two days after birth=age 2 and so on, using a one degree per year progression for the planets....)

Courtesy Erin Sullivan

Venus (and every other planet) is said to work in an internal way, and Venus in retrograde mode indicates that love and sensuality may not be expressed in an appropriate external way.

Venus retrograde can result in people sometimes feeling poor at an emotional level and feeling that they are incapable of love or may find it hard to express their love to others. This can make them appear selfish. Through retrograde Venus people try to find the perfection in love, art and study. They can feel inner love but can't express it in the best way. Having a Venus retrograde in the Natal chart can cause some people to have problems receiving love. As a result they may find it easier to be independent in their close relationships.

Sometimes those with Retrograde Venus may express even aggressive or possessive attitudes to others or it could indicate a person who cannot handle a divorce in an appropriate way, so they can't leave (abandon) the relationship. They like to have the control of their partner. This can be made worse if Venus is afflicted in the chart by house placement and aspects.Conversely, a dignified Venus may not be as difficult if it strongly placed by sign and house and not afflicted by hard aspects.

People with Venus Retrograde, natally, may find they have problems with emotional frustration and other times loss of self-control. This internal confusion can block the person from reaching emotional maturity. This pressure also could appear at a financial level where it can cause delays in regard to financial expectations. Venus naturally rules Houses seven and two in astrology. House 7 relates to our significant others and House two deals with our material well being, and our self worth.

When Venus goes direct after retrogression, it is a time for re-evaluation in life as Venus operates at very deep levels and needs time to close all the unfinished processes. Chaotic emotions and insecurity could be noticed , even unusual attitudes to others may be a theme, until the Native establishes their new values reflecting what they have learned and what they face now.
Initially they may resist the need to change their values and move on from what they have learnt and experienced. They may feel emotionally isolated because of the confusion they feel.
Releasing the old ways of dealing with relationships and money could be very liberating as they start to express their feelings and establish new exterior values. They feel free to go on (direct) in their lives in a different way (direction).

Retrograde Venus can be associated with death. Astrologer Erin Sullivan points out in her excellent "Retrograde Planets" (Penguin Books 1992) that "the Aztecs saw Venus retrograde as a goddess assuming the guise of a man who walked the Earth for 40 days and 40 nights. (The retrograde period). When Venus meets the Sun he/she is sacrificed. After the retrograde conjunction Venus reappears in direct motion in the East just before sunrise and is considered to be reborn as the Morning Star. The Mayan people depicted Venus as a goddess of war at the time of the stationary direct Morning Star period, considering that she had risen up from the underworld "still sticky with the blood and bones of the dead".

RETROGRADE PLANETS: Traversing the Inner Landscape - Erin Sullivan


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