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Re: Disturbing reoccuring dream needing resolution

Originally Posted by hermetic
perhaps try to be more aware of the little details in your dream, while you are dreaming it being aware that you are and paying close attention to everything without trying to influence anything.
Since you cannot really resolve anything with this person anymore, field of dreams is your only place to get some insight.
Perhaps try to draw or paint(if you can) the dream itself and the feelings you have in it.
Or simply wait, perhaps the dream will progress and evolve itself, for me they often do, and this way tell a bit more.
But for sure, I agree, dreaming same thing repeatedly is not ever insignificant
Do you believe we can dream of places in a past life? I am most interested in knowing if this place really exists outside of my dreams. Of course, it may also be a place i visited when i was very young but forgot-who knows? I'd like to think it's possible to get answers through a dream. I was checking out my progressed chart last night and there is an aspect closing in soon and i think it could be related to this dream(progressed Jupiter/9th trine natal moon/Leo/5th), which could mean a dream of a far away land + a love from the past..or maybe just some great insight through a dream. So, i think it's possible that this guy i met who i think is in my dream might actually be someone else and if i were to get up close and look at his face i might recognize him as person from a past life..hmmm.
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