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Re: Celibacy in traditional astrology


No need to attribute malice or cynicism on the part of the researcher. Many places on his website he has spoken about the limitations of his astrological research, so you can take it that he looks into astrological truth claims in good faith. He's often spoken about the paucity of his sample sizes and the issue of control groups. Here is one such article that he has entitled the problem with astrology research

A larger sample might ideal, but it is also a costly and resource intensive, and you can count your lucky stars if you find a sponsor with the sufficient money who would invest in a serious astrological study. The largest free public databases I know of astrological information is found at and Since you present like a man who has a handle on things perhaps you have better sources of freely available information that could be used for astrological purposes.

Looking at the whole chart, thanks. As if I haven't heard that for the millionth time. There are enough chart reading that I've done on this forum for anyone to judge if "reading the whole chart" isn't observed.

As to the contention that engaging in prostitution is a moral failing. Interesting. Morality seems to be dependent on the society and the dominant religions that govern them. And there are some that exalt feminine sexuality and sacred prostitution is a thing. Hell, JA's idol comes from a society that has sexual rites encoded in their spiritual practice, but don't tell him that. By some accounts Mary Magdalene was an important figure in early Christianity and she was a prostitute. Was she a moral failure? Jesus didn't seem to think so.

On the other hand, are you saying that someone who wouldn't engage in prostitution under any circumstance won't also be predisposed to murder, lying, cheating, stealing or any other sort of "sin"? I know enough people who wouldn't sell sex but would murder or seriously maim, lie, or other deplorable actions in the name of self-service.
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