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Re: NN square Venus in synastry but NN conjunct Venus in composite?

"So NN square Venus in synastry tends to be us figuring out how to solve what ever ‘issue’ (for lack of a better world) from a past life in this life but with a NN conjunct Venus in composite might be the attitude we have towards fixing this ‘issue’? I’m kind of seeing it like this “(because of NN square Venus synastry) in our past live(s) we couldn’t figure out how to express this love properly and need to solve the conflicts we had of the heart but (because of NN conjunct Venus in composite) we could progress and figure this out in an effective way as that is the overall attitude of that aspect/contact in the composite” and it could either finally “fix” or “complete” (for lack of a better word) that negative karmic tie and we can be better for eachother in the next life or by completing it there is no more struggle with that aspect (NN square Venus) and have more ease of our hearts connecting and continue this relationship. Does this sound crazy?"

Actually that sounds very well expressed and right on!
Well done!
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