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Re: Chart interpretation and professional orientation

Can you say more about the type of profession you are in now? Project manager/sales could be in many different lines of work. I ask because sometimes people are actually in a reasonably good career, given their horoscope; but the problem is the lack of challenges or advancement with their particular employer. Then some people do not have the option of going back to school and retraining in a different field.

Possibly as a sun Leo, you're not gettting enough recognition and opportunity for advancement from your present employer.

But with so many planets in the 12th house, including the ruler (Mercury) of your 10th house of career, in your 12th house, you may actually feel a desire to contribute to people less fortunate than yourself. The 12th house rules hospitals, prisons, and other institutions where people are shut-in in some way. Given your background, a hospital career might not mean hands-on patient care, but something like hospital administration or social work.
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