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Re: April 23 2014 grand cross

I wish to remind you all of a previous event. [from my Pluto retrograde thread.]

Pluto goes retro at 07* Cap 30' on April 9th in 2011 and the Nth. Node will be in the 28th or 27th degree of Sag. [The legendary 'Galactic Center'] [ this part of the equation could be referred to as The "Impasse..that is, where Pluto stalls and goes retro.]
The symbols involved for the 8th of Cap. which is about finding "enjoyment "coupled with the symbol for the 28th of Sag. 'A Old Bridge Over A Beautiful Stream..." i.e. "The Beautiful Necessity" which also happens to be the Symbol for the Part of Fatality for Jesus by my [proposed birth] chart [He became part of the "Bridge" to the Godhead...thus I see this Symbol, in some ways, representing the "Holy Spirit"] leads me to surmise the cosmos is telling us where to find that "Happiness"...that is ..."In the Holy Spirit".
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