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Re: April 23 2014 grand cross

Originally Posted by CapAquaPis View Post
From the looks of it, something grand will happen in the US between the mentioned countries on that date (btw, it's my brother's B-day-April 23rd). I hold an opinion on the Age of Aquarius should begin on that date, but is actually the start of the Age of Leo according to some astrologers: the age of maturity, spirituality and overcoming adversity. The Sun rules Leo and Uranus rules Aquarius, although the Leonine sun is in Taurus adjacent to the near-conjuncting Uranus in Aries in the 11th house itself ruled by Aquarius. The other fixed sign Scorpio, the supposed sign of bad luck is where Saturn, co-ruler of Aquarius falls in the 5th or 6th houses ruled by Leo (or Virgo), and the rising sign of Gemini-an air sign (or is it Cancer- a water sign) indicates with watery Scorpio of a hot deluge and to find Jupiter ruled by water sign Pisces itself the last sign of the zodiac in the cusp of Cancer and Leo in the Taurus-ruled 2nd house: The USA faces a Cardinal transformation of subsequent change of political power and a fixed moment of itself as a country and its days as the lone global superpower may come to an end.
I'd say those days ended here some time back.
A Chinese sub got inside our defenses in 2010 and fired off a missile near Santa Catalina Island near the coast of Southern Calif. just to show the U.S. that those days HAD come to an end.
[and personally, I don't subscribe to Saturn or Uranus having any ruler ship over Aquarius..I've written about what I believe is the proper assignation of planetary rulers of the signs elsewhere in this forum, so I won't repeat myself...besides, there's too many Trads. in this forum that think otherwise. Just for the record though...IMHO...{of course!} Jupiter rules Aquarius, Uranus is the higher octave ruler of Virgo and Gemini...Saturn is the higher octave ruler of Leo and Cancer....whooops, look at that...I did it anyways]
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