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Lightbulb Re: April 23 2014 grand cross

From the looks of it, something grand will happen in the US between the mentioned countries on that date (btw, it's my brother's B-day-April 23rd). I hold an opinion on the Age of Aquarius should begin on that date, but is actually the start of the Age of Leo according to some astrologers: the age of maturity, spirituality and overcoming adversity. The Sun rules Leo and Uranus rules Aquarius, although the Leonine sun is in Taurus adjacent to the near-conjuncting Uranus in Aries in the 11th house itself ruled by Aquarius. The other fixed sign Scorpio, the supposed sign of bad luck is where Saturn, co-ruler of Aquarius falls in the 5th or 6th houses ruled by Leo (or Virgo), and the rising sign of Gemini-an air sign (or is it Cancer- a water sign) indicates with watery Scorpio of a hot deluge and to find Jupiter ruled by water sign Pisces itself the last sign of the zodiac in the cusp of Cancer and Leo in the Taurus-ruled 2nd house: The USA faces a Cardinal transformation of subsequent change of political power and a fixed moment of itself as a country and its days as the lone global superpower may come to an end.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!

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