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Re: April 23 2014 grand cross

I forgot to mention that the USA natal Part of Peril [Asc. + R8th - Saturn] is at 27 * Sagittarius 36'... it is this event, chart horizons', Desc. and it is also the Part of Distress [Asc. + Mars - Saturn] for the USA natal chart, as it is also this exact degree, because Mars is the ruler of the 8th house of the USA natal chart

..the important thing to remember is the North Node, which indicates the overall precept being of concern to us here as concerning all the other aspects of the moment, and that is the the degree which it occupies, the 28th of Libra, which by Rudhyar's book on the Sabians is: "A MAN BECOMING AWARE OF SPIRITUAL FORCES SURROUNDING AND ASSISTING HIM.

KEYNOTE: The realization, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, and that the "community" — visible or invisible — is sustaining one's efforts."

...a degree well known to me as it is the focal point that the Quintile Yod in my natal chart, my natal Mercury at the 28th of Aries, focuses on.
You are a Divine creation of the universe

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