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Re: April 23 2014 grand cross

If you don't mind I took the liberty of casting it in Philadelphia, Penn. for a USA natal transit comparison.
This chart I cast to get the PoF for the moment of the Asc. that day that came out in conj. with Uranus.
I could help but notice that Uranus is in a degree of Aries very familiar with me, the fourteenth.
This was the composite Venus I had with the woman I refer to as Miss X and it's also the degree of the Part of Spirit/Soul for the birth chart i claim to be that of Jesus/Yeshua. [that Part of Spirit/Soul I figure to be at apprx. if not exactly at 13* Aries 10']
Pluto is conj.two Parts from that same chart, those of the Part of Destiny at 13* Cap 14' and Part of Deceit at 13* Cap 05'.
Venus will have just passed conj with the exact degree but still be within a degree of conj. the same charts Part of Fortune [The Master Instructing The Disciple{S}].at 18* Pisces 17' and Neptune just passed out of conj. with the degree of that same charts Venus at 06* Pisces 47' yet still be in tight conj. with it. the th of Pisces reads as [from Rudhyar's book on the Sabians]: "ILLUMINED BY A SHAFT OF LIGHT, A LARGE CROSS LIES ON ROCKS SURROUNDED BY SEA MIST.
KEYNOTE: The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth."

The Sun and Mercury will both be conj the Mercury of that same chart but on either side of it where it sits at 01* Taurus 06'.
Jupiter will have just crossed over a conj. with the USA natal Sun at 12* Cancer 38'...and not long before that the USA natal Jupiter at 05* Cancer 46' and just before that conj Venus at 02* Cancer 14'
Mars conj. a USA natal Saturn at 14* Libra 47'

The event Horizon for this is conj. the Part of Tragedy and Fatality of that chart, symbolized as 'The Old But Sturdy Bridge To The Other Side of the Stream' and concisely defined by Dan Rudhyar with the keywords, "The Beautiful Necessity'.
The event nadir is conj. the 12th House cusp of that chart [Ones answers to the problems of the world] and the 4th of Virgo is 'Brotherhood' unto others as ye would have them do unto you.
The nadir is read as the 'why' of any chart when reading for the spiritual evolutionary message of it.

I'd say this event has a lot to do with what I see for the U.S.A. having had Uranus conj. it's Part of Transformation about 13 months prior to this...that event showing this nation changing the marketplace and the rules and conditions of conduct therein and then becoming the world exemplar for the new age of human enterprise.

As the U.S.A. was founded on and in support of freedom of Religions and the vast majority of those religions being Christian.. [not to mention that 1776 is twice 888 ...which is the esoteric and occult, mystical number of Christ .]... and, as this nation is still predominantly Christian, that these particular degrees and their attendant precepts thus being activated, all at the same time in these various conjunctions with that chart and its' attendant Parts...especially Parts/Lots that are of paticularly notable significance, every one of them.... this event, then shows me that the Cosmos is behind it 100% if we do allow our better and higher instincts to guide us and not let ourselves become intimidated while, or from, doing so in setting 'upright' the ways of enterprise amongst all fellow men and women on Earth.

...the beautiful capper is Pallas conj. that natal charts Part of Love at 25* Leo 37' while Lilith will have just gotten within a degree of perfect conj. with the USA natal North Node. Also Mars conj the USA natal Saturn , Vesta conj. the USA natal Juno [there's an interesting conj.]

There 's another very interesting matrix in this chart not to be over looked and that is the Saturn/Venus trine or if you are a bit liberal with your orbs of influence, a Saturn/Venus/Jupiter Grand Trine that also includes Mercury Quintile Jupiter , Sun Quintile Jupiter, Moon bi-Quintile Jupiter, Moon Quintile Mercury and Sun Quintile Moon.
Too cap that there's a Mars Neptune bi Quintile with a Neptune Jupiter trine to mitigate the Jupiter Mars square and a Saturn Uranus bi Quintile at this time while Saturn trines Jupiter to mitigate the Jupiter Uranus square.

...and I have to mention that the USA natal Part of Bankruptcy is 19* Libra 18'... and Vesta will have just passed over it and Ceres just before it with Mars approaching, followed by the North Node which will soon conj. the USA natal Part of Distress at 27* Libra 36'

...and if you want you can throw in the Quintiles Saturn/Uranus make to the event horizon...i.e. Asc. - Desc.[and now I believe I see why I felt a need to rectify the location to Philly and the time so as to a produce the Uranus/Part of Fortune conjuction as I did.]

The symbol of the Asc. of this event chart being the 28th of Gemini, and its' Symbol being [ibid.]: "THROUGH BANKRUPTCY, SOCIETY GIVES TO AN OVERBURDENED INDIVIDUAL THE OPPORTUNITY TO BEGIN AGAIN.
KEYNOTE: A release from unbearable pressures, freeing one for new tasks."

...kind of makes ya wonder....doesn't it?
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