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Re: Saturn: is it easier to deal with him as you age?

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
My Mars-Saturn is a corner of a Mystic Rectangle and a "leg" of a Yod.

They are separating in my progressed chart because Mars turned direct when I was 18 but I don't feel any ease.

The Saturn effect kicked in when I was around 12-14. Actually I found out my Saturn mahadasha (in Vedic) started when I was 16 and ends this year

Actually I don't really understands his lessons. I just see my life passing by and no progress in that particular area.
I have a mystic rectangle and feeling as if life passes with no improvement. The thing is with Saturn, i do believe it will reward your hard work, grit and determination. With the force that Saturn gives you in an area of your life, it gives you a chance at becoming very familiar with this area of life because of the stubborn nature of it and your need to persist. Do you see what I mean?
"... the only way to possibly alleviate some of this pain is to accept this fate and not isolate yourself in your pain.

So teach, teacher. You have to teach.

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