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Re: Saturn: is it easier to deal with him as you age?

In the applying aspect, Mars must pass through Saturn...the Greater Malefic. Mars is the Lesser Malefic. Oh! Saturn must be the stronger.
Read the descriptions of the planets. Mars is immediate; Saturn's effects are permanent. Etc.

For delineation, use keywords. And try WilsonTC's sentences.

For example: Mars = violence or force; Saturn is control, discipline, repression or restraint. Therefore, restrained violence, disciplined application of force. The sign and house also enter play. Taurus is lazy, wants to accomplish task in one fell swoop. So, highly efficient application of energy, disciplined, restrained. In working, fighting, sex. Great endurance, resistance to hardship, etc.

Very important aspect in anyone's chart, different in each.

In the separating aspect, Mars has already gone past the damping influence of Saturn; the pressure is less and diminishing. Easier to breathe.

Your Mars is in domicile; mine is in debility, and at the apex of a Fixed T-square. Much different.

I have fought (Mars) my father (Saturn) my whole life...even after he was long since in Valhalla.

About orbs: mine is -806'... There is no doubt that in my case the conjunction is effective. Ten degrees works just fine. And you can always tighten the orb.

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