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Originally Posted by helike13 View Post

Astrologers say it will be easier to deal with Saturn as the native ages.

In my case.... I noticed the opposite.

In my early life I had many opportunities to work on that field what Saturn represents in my chart. But I was keep failing from time to time. As I age I get less and less opportunities.

So trickster Saturn says: 'In your early life you failed now I withdraw all your opportunities so you won't be able to develop the skills that I represent'

What are your perceptions about this?
Reading your thread this is what Iím thinking! I could handle Saturn better when I was younger and starting my career and then after Saturn return it all went **** up and as Iím relaxing as Iím getting older when Saturn turns its head in my direction I get agitated and well 😡 pissed off. At what point in age does Saturn actually get better. My natal chart Iím a cap sum with Saturn in my first house with Jupiter and Pluto. I had my Saturn return at 29/30 and it wasnít the nicest. But here it is again and itís been an absolute nightmare. Nightmare. Maybe it gets better after 40 🤷🏻*♀️
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