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Re: University exams

Originally Posted by Takanari View Post
Hi guys,

Tomorrow I have my final exams for my first year in psychology that I'm doing for the second time. I'm kind of scared already because my Solar Return looks kind of bad with a lot of Pluto and Saturn oppositions and conjunctions. On top of that, my transit Saturn squares my natal Saturn in the 10th. Tomorrow I have my last exam so don't be scared that your answer will positively or negatively affect me. I won't read your answer until tomorrow anyways.
I'm kind of worried about my results so could anyone help me?

I feel like the 9th house stellium could really help me but there are some squares to Jupiter and I don't really know what to make of that and it's very confusing to me. Maybe the Mars conjunctions will help me? And the Ruler of the Ascendant is in my 12th. Is that bad or is it actually good because I'm studying psychology which is part of the 12th house?
Yes you will pass...
the map shows the stress you have, you have to calm down.
There's no point, you've got the potential and the capabilities...
good luck and do not forget to inform us please.
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