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Originally Posted by CapAquaPis View Post
On natal charts, it can detail events in our lives: each house equals 6 (or some say, 7) years. I'm currently 39 years old (born on Feb 15, 1980 - Aquarius sun conjunct moon) and my life is in the 7th house (opposite Cancer descendant).

3 things I want to know regarding my life cycle on my natal chart:
1. The Sun conjunct moon in 8th house (around age 42). The Sun is in 26' Aquarius while the Moon is in 20'. They're 6' apart (new moon phase).

2. Uranus currently transits my 11th house in the sign of Taurus. It's said to represent I'm making a whole bunch of true friends (both in RL and online). Saturn and Pluto are currently transiting in 10th in their ruler sign Capricorn.

And 3. When am I going to get married or have children in the future? I've never been married nor had any kids. My natal Uranus is in 5th - 25' Scorpio, square the natal Sun and Moon conjunction - indeed opposite 11th house.

On this forum, someone pointed out my 3rd house (teenage years) was a very emotional period, displayed by the triplicity stellium of the planets Jupiter (6' Virgo), Mars (9'), Saturn (24') and Lilith (25') - opposite Mercury (13' Pisces).
On your Point #2...How can Capricorn be in 10th while Taurus is in 11th? And why should Uranus in 11th mean "making lots of friends"?

Also, if Sun is 26 Aquarius, and Moon is 20 Aquarius, it is not new moon.

Since when is 3rd house "teenage years"? How come 4th house is "end of life", "last years"? The allotment of 6 or 7 years to a house is done primarily for "length of life", not to divide life into convenient stages.

You are working with some seriously flawed ideas. Back up, find new sources, start over.

In the dim mists of times long past, astrology began as the Astronomical, not astrological, study of objects in the sky. An astrologer without a good working knowledge of astronomy is severely handicapped.

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