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Re: Spiritual calling...

The trines in a vedic chart, i.e., the Ascendant, fifth and ninth houses are houses of religion/spirituality and the fourth, eighth and twelfth are of emancipation from this world where a soul keeps coming back to take rebirth and work out the burden of karmas.
Majority of your planets are in the fifth and ninth houses but none in the houses of emancipation.
The houses of emancipation are having Gemini, Libra and Aquarius signs owned by Mercury, Venus and Saturn respectively. Mercury and Venus are in the fifth house of spirituality/religion. Mercury is in close relationship with Saturn that owns the emancipation sign Aquarius. Ketu is in close relationship with Saturn. Since Saturn rules a house of emancipation and Ketu is the planet that governs emancipation this relationship is highly significant.
The above shows that you have interest in spirituality as your goal is emancipation.
The Sun in a vedic chart represents the soul. The stronger the soul the better will be the urge for emancipation in the individual. The strength of the Sun shows that the individual is not heavily burdened by karmas of the past lives. Hence the position of the Sun is important in the chart.
Your Sun is placed in the fifth house with spiritual house owners Mars and the Moon. It is with emancipation house owners Mercury and Venus. Saturn which is the third planet owning an emancipation house in your chart is in very close relationship with Mercury which as we have seen is in the fifth house with the Sun.
The Sun being in a trine in the chart suggests that you are very spiritual and you intend to pursue this path to the end. The association of Mars with the Sun is highly significant since Mars owns your self (Ascendant). Since the Sun and Mars are well placed from each other and are friendly planets there is no contradiction in this regard in your mind. The mind that is represented by the Moon in a chart is placed with this combination and it is in a watery sign. Hence you desire emancipation and you are willing to work for it.
The Moon is in close relationship with Rahu. This indicates that there is some urge to succeed in this material world. This is the area in which you have to strive. Rahu will tend to work to dissuade you from the path of spirituality as Ketu has no role to play in the chart till 2040.
From the above I will sum up by saying that you are highly spiritual. The major-period of the Sun has started in your chart from February/2017. The impact of the Sun is therefore seen in your life. It will last for six years, to be followed by that of the Moon for ten years, and Mars for seven years. These periods will keep you on your chosen path. The period of Rahu will follow that of Mars. It will be for eighteen years. This can be some what contradictory to your set goal. However, there is little danger of deviation if you follow a guru since your Moon is closely related to your Jupiter which is the planet that represents the guru.
You will now please understand as to why I wanted your birth details including the country of birth clearly since the birth chart that you have appended is not correct.
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