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Originally Posted by lilllybelle View Post
I dont think pluto is associated with beauty. Libra is but not pluto. Pluto is known for being sexy though. Pluto is a higher octave of mars. Mars, as a god, was known to walk around covered in blood and guts. He was so ugly and nasty that only venus would have anything to do with him. I wouldn't expect beauty out of someone with pluto on the ascendent, though I'm not ruling out the possibilty.

I disagree with this. You could take the most beautiful woman in the world, and she's not going to look good if she runs around in sweat pants and baggy t-shirts with her hair in a pony tail. Ok, Kate Moss might be able to pull if off to some small degree, but 99% of the population won't look good unless they take care of their appearence. I've never met a woman who didn't care about her appearance, and I've never met a woman that someone wouldn't find attractive. Beauty is definately something that can be enhanced with makeup, clothing and a good heart. It is good for young women to know that beauty is not some foreign thing that only a few lucky people get. We're all beautiful in someones eyes.

Knowing how to make the best of your looks is a very libran trait. Librans know how to create beauty even if they don't have a natural abundance of it. They know how to work it. Humans, in general, make the best of their looks to attract a partner. It's primal stuff. It's not so superficial at all. It can be superficial if taken too far, but the basic desire to look good to find a partner to reproduce with is pretty instinctual.
I agree with this being libra rising. When I make extra extra effort I know how to look GOOD 👀 and get attention if I need to eg meetings interviews etc. Someone I want to impress example
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