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Re: Pluto conj Libra Asc- averse to beauty??

Hi... resurrecting an old post because I thought I should contribute to this thread because I am a pluto conjunct libra Asc at 29 degree in 1st house... so yeah, my thinking is similar to what Librascorpio91 and Bobsue had said. I think putting on make up will only attract people that are into my looks and not my character nor my personality. I want a man that like me for me and love me for who I really am. I don't want to attract man that only goes for looks because I believe relationship like this wouldn't last. I do dress up and make up nicely if I am bored or in the mood. I really like clothes that are comfy, when I was young I wear my beggars clothes because these are the most comfy. Sometimes I even wear it going out (those that doesn't have big holes), my mom say I look like beggar and I don't care much about what she said at that time. Now, being an adult I don't care much too but I wouldn't wear my beggar clothes out. When the holes got way too big I throw them away, lol. Nowadays, I do wear some faded color T-shirt going out, if my husband comments on my clothings, we don't argue but I will questions him and give him slightly a hard time. In conclusion, I will only put on make up and wear pretty dress when I am in the mood of having girly fun and some self-confident I guess.
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