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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

Signs are not domiciled. Planets are domiciled in the signs they rule.

The sun is domiciled in Leo. Unlike in astronomy, the sun and moons are planets in astrology. The sun and moon are also called the luminaries.

Astrology beyond the most basic entry levels looks at the sun as only one of hundreds of integrated data bytes-- albeit a really important data byte.

I don't know what you are reading, but it seems like pop-schlock astrology. One book for beginners that I highly recommend is Robert Hand, Planets in Youth (good for all ages.) Also, Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky.

To understand any sign, look at:

1. Its element and modality (earth, air fire, or water? Cardinal, fixed or mutable?)

2. The planet that rules the sign.

3. The nature of the figure for which the sign was named. (For example, the lion.)

Fire indicates energy and initiative. Fixed signs at their best are loyal and persistent. At their worst, stubborn and inflexible.

The sun symbolizes one's basic vitality. One's identity or sense of self. The sun also symbolizes the monarch, father, or leader.

The lion is a symbol of strength and courage, the "king of the beasts."

What is one's basic energy, vitality or self all about? Ideally, it is about happiness, pride in oneself, and joy.

A "misfiring" Leo converts the happy monarch into the bossy tyrant. With wounded pride, the lion retreats to lick its wounds. The "king" who mentally converts everyone else into "subjects." The "queen" who is stuck on looking glamorous.

Of course, any sun sign person will typically have different planets and the ascendant in other signs. These all interact through aspects and show up in different houses.

Which is why we look at entire horoscopes and not sun-sign columns in magazines or popular news apps.
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