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Re: Does anyone find Libras attractive?

I always read about what annoying people pleasers Libras are in an attempt to be fair but in real life, I see the opposite happening. I see people getting more annoyed with Libra's apparent contrarianism.

I know for me, I never deliberately try to be contrary but I often get annoyed at the gut-level reactions of more partisan types and feel a need to look into or defend the other side in an attempt to be fair. People find this more annoying than trying to blend in with the status quo (which isn't something I do - if I did, I'd be more popular).

With me, this could be a Libra Sun and Mercury square Uranus in action but I've also noticed this with non-Uranian Libras, particularly the men.
Rather than desperately wanting to be liked, they take the opposite, unpopular side in attempt to be fair.
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