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Originally Posted by SunRising View Post
No, when YOU think of the word "decisive" you interpret as making a quick decision. Everybody else considers "decision" to mean :to decide upon a matter, which is Libra's weak point. Libra is all about keeping the status quo, not rocking the boat, their favorite throne is to sit on the fence. It may be a hard pill to swallow (which is why you may feel the urge to vomit) but it is not a secret that Libra's are indecisive. When Libra's do make decisions, from personal experience, it always seems to be the wrong one. Libras represent the scales of Justice, they prefer to have the scales be balanced rather than making a decision and have it be skewed. As for your last statement about me thinking Libra's to be stupid or thoughtless, I cant see how you came to that conclusion by me saying they are indecisive or perhaps they prefer another person to make the decision. Could this thought have come from how you are feeling about yourself?
First of all, Google the definition for "decisive."

Second of all, I am a Libra. I think I have a better idea of what Libras are about than you do. It seems to me as if you're simply repeating what you've read.

Third of all, yes, letting someone else make decisions for you is the equivalent of not thinking for yourself which is the equivalent of stupidity. I don't trust anyone to make decisions for me. Most people don't share Libra's strengths of reflection and objectivity. Most people operate on gut-level reactions. Do Libras make bad decisions? Yes we do, everyone does and this is WHY. Listening to other people, rather than trusting ourselves, is exactly what causes problems for us. I'm speaking from experience when I say this. I can think of specific incidents where this has happened: other people, more confident in their decisions than Libra, tell me what I should do, causing me doubt my own decision-making process, I listen to what they say and in the end, it turns out my initial impressions were right (probably because I've considered every angle). This has happened time and time again

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