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Re: aspects and singing talent

I am a singer (although not a professional one -- at least not yet) and I have an extremely good voice. I have my Moon in Taurus in the fifth house -- and as some people have already pointed out, Taurus rules the throat. The Moon forms mostly positive aspects in my natal chart, and the Moon is also thought to be exalted in Taurus. Neptune, a planet often associated with creativity, has a lot of influence in my chart as well -- not because I have several planets in Pisces in my chart (although I do have my IC there), but because I have retrograde Neptune conjunct my Ascendant in the twelfth house and because Neptune is a singleton planet in my chart. It's also the apex of a yod in my chart (the other two parts being Saturn in Aries in the fifth and Mercury in Gemini in the seventh) and it forms a biquintile aspect with my Sun/Venus/Mars stellium in Gemini -- biquintile aspects, from what I've read, are associated with creativity as well. My North Node is also in the fifth house in Aries, suggesting that creativity has at least something to do with the lesson that I am supposed to learn in this incarnation. Saturn, the planetary ruler of my second house (which is in Capricorn) is also in my fifth house.

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