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Re: Harmonics

Here's some information I dug up on the 17th harmonic.

The emphasis of 17th and 34th harmonics in the charts of actors was also not anticipated, and this result may shed some light on the nature of the astrological influence of 17-based harmonics. The anecdotal evidence that I have gathered regarding the 17th and 19th harmonics has not been as conclusive as the lower prime number harmonics.
My tentative conclusions is that both of 17 & 19th harmonics are inclined towards an integrated, wholistic, sensitive, and non-linear approach to the world. Both harmonics are somewhat Neptunian in that they are sensitive, refined, and intuitive.
The 17th harmonic seems to have a somewhat more Venusian quality and the 19th harmonic a somewhat more Mercurial quality. Both harmonics, however, seem to integrate intelligence and artistic sensitivity in interesting ways. Aptitude and interest in humanities, arts, culture, and education appear to be strong, with a particularly strong tendency towards arts pusued in an intellectual or mental way. Interest in literature, different cultures, and a variety of experiences appears to be strong. The strong 17th and 34th harmonics in the charts of actors in the Gauquelin database is intriguing and certainly reasonable given the tentative indications of how the 17th harmonic may affect people.

Exploratory research is a small, but important, progressive step from anecdotal evidence. Most problems of selective perception, complexities of extraneous variables and complexities such as how we attract certain people, are mostly eliminated. However, we must still be cautious and realize that random fluctuations can occur, and I am not yet ready to draw more definitive conclusions regarding the 17th harmonic, and I am not as confident that the 17th harmonic aspects will appear more often in another group of actors. I am more confident about the other conclusions because previous pilots studies and anecdotal evidence more strongly support the results found.

I was interested since I have some really tight conjunctions in the 17th. While this certainly isn't conclusive, it was the best information I could find.
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