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Re: Physical Appearance/Sex Appeal in a Natal Chart?

My friend has libra rising with Venus in the 1st house, Saturn is also in the first house though and is conjunct the ascendant. Unfortunately she is not your typical beauty but has very beautiful 'things,' like in the way she dresses herself and her house. She surrounds herself with beauty, it really is like entering a different world when you are around her. But alas, no beauty.

I have Venus in Uranus with libra rising. I would like to blame a strong mars and possibly the Uranus for having a bad face shape...but features are fine. The exciting part of Uranus adds to my charisma, supposedly I'm better looking in real life than in photos (cheers.)

I think Scorpio is such a strong placement for animal magnetism. Especially the moon?? I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that moon is Scorpio is THE moon sign to be.

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