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Originally Posted by sibylline View Post
In my studies I have found:

-Venus or Neptune conjunct Ascendant or in the 1st house
-Venus or Neptune conjunct MC or DSC

To a lesser extent
-Venus in easy aspect with Ascendant
-Venus ruled Ascendant

Sexual Magnetism (for men, I don't pay much attention to women because I'm a heterosexual female ):

-Pluto in the 1st hse or conjunct Ascendant
-Venus conjunct Mars (even moreso if near Ascendant or in the 1st hse)
-Moon conjunct Venus or Mars
-Libra Rising

To a lesser extent
-Many personal planets in fixed signs (except Aquarius)
-Leo or Scorpio Rising

I have noticed men be very drawn to Scorpio Moon women.

On a personal note, my boyfriend is generally considered very attractive, by women and men. He gets attention wherever he goes. I won't post his chart here because I'm saving that for another thread but he is:

-Taurus Ascendant (Virgo Sun, Aries Moon)
-Venus retrograde in last degree of Leo and in conjunction with the Sun
-Venus in close easy aspect with all outer planets except Uranus (square) and square Jupiter
-Sun/Venus closely trine the Ascendant
-Saturn conjunct Pluto and opposing the Ascendant/conjunct Descendant
-Mars in Leo in the 5th
I have taurus ascendant, lilith in taurus conjunct ascendant, Neptune conjunct MC in capricorn, moon in aries, and mars in Leo very similar to your boyfriend.
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