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Can't give you an indepth lesson on harmonics due to time constraints but coincidentally, if you haven't read my last two articles, you may like to take a look . I have gone more deeply into the subject of harmonics (my last post even has a visual image of the 1st thru 5th harmonic.) to try and explain Periodicity (last article) and 'Harmony of The Spheres' (the one before).

In studying this branch of astrology (Harmonics) and paying only background attention to the rest, you will arrive at the key to the entire subject of astrology and numerology and how it fits into the Universe. I believe the whole Cosmos is founded on number (and harmony).

When we look at an astrological chart we are looking at a moment in time of a much greater unfolding. Every planet in our chart is resonating with something else, either harmoniously or discordantly. If we are born into a moment of discordance between two (or more) planets we respond (or resonate) to those chords throughout our lives BUT our lives unfold in cycles. Our lives will literally play out a tune in a greater symphony.

Astrology could therefore be described as the art of deducing if we are better sticking to percussion instruments or playing in the string quartet!!
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