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Re: Forum natal chart

The forum's Ascendant makes a grand trine with my Moon/Mercury in Aries(5║and9║,respectively)and Jupier in Leo(3║).The Forum's Sun is in trine to my Midheaven(26║Libra) and in sextile to my Venus(27║Aries),which is also in square to the Forum's Saturn(will this forum have a restraining influence on me?Well,if I spend the whole afternoon here instead of studying,I'm sure it will )and opposite to the Forum's North Node,which also squares my North Node at 26║Capricorn.Being the Forum's Saturn conjunct my South Node,seems like I have a fated relationship with this forum .My planets make no interesting aspects to the Forum's Mercury(unless you'd like to consider an out-of-sign sextile with my Venus and a sextile to my Capricorn Ascendant),but my Mercury(9║46'Aries)makes an ALMOST PERFECT sextile to the Forum's Moon(9║48'Gemini),being my Aries Moon also involved in the aspect!

And,of course,the Forum's Mars conjunt my Ascendant makes it totally irresistible to me !
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