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Re: Forum natal chart

Wow, this indeed is quite interesting...(testing my skill with telling aspects apart here )

Ahhh! The forum's Ascendant squares my Sun, and on the same degree! The forum's Jupiter in Libra is what I notice next, as it's somewhere in the middle of my Libra stellium, which ranges from 13-29 degrees. Not quite conjunct my own Jupiter (still 5 more degrees there but close!) The forum's Sun and Mercury trines my Venus and conjuncts my Moon almost exactly! The North Node opposes my Pluto, and the Forum's Pluto is conjunct my Neptune! But the forum's Venus is quincunx my Sun! The forum's Chiron is also tightly conjunct my South Node, although S. Node is in 0 degrees Leo and Chiron is 29 Capricorn. But still! SO tight!
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