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Originally Posted by Draco
Aldebaran is called the eye of Revelation. Life is filled with metaphors and revelations.The evolutionary journey is essentially a journey into concious awareness through Revelation. As we evolve, we percieve more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we are only percieving what has always been there.
Jupiter, master of religion, of high sciences, of truth and justice, will be conjunct Aldebaran on 12/21/12. This is interesting because forum members (me included) seem to be highly sensitive and particulary open to the 2012 energies.

There are quite a lot of interesting connections to the 2012 chart, of which I would particulary highlight forum's Mercury conjunct 2012 Neptune (intense forum talks on 2012 spirituality).

Here's that chart (Dec 12, 2012)
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