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To see that your Me is
in a trine with the Forum's Me & Ur
is a good proof of the significance
Radu's posting of the Forum's chart!

I am just being introduced to Horary here,
and to it's mysteries,
of which you are
so knowledgeable!

BTW, my mars is 4Tau31, opposite your Me.


You said:

My Vx/Sun is also sextile the forums Vx/Saturn.

The forum's Pluto is also right upon my Neptune/MC conjunction!
<< :P >>

Draco, I *almost* forgot
about that pivotal point in your
chart. How could I do that? 8)

I, too, have Neptune cj MC

although it is not, like yours,


...not to mention the other relationships you found!

I must correct this mis-perception:

I have natal Saturn 29Leo19 cj your moon....

and that is where *transiting* Lillith is right now....


Your sun is cj my ASC

and transiting Pallas Athene, too!

at 20Sag37 --

--the forum's asc is close, but no cigar--

You are welcome, Radu -- and i take the bold move

to post this by the Inuit journalist, about the shift in

polar magnetics and loss of aurora borealis.

Enjoying all Earth and ocean and sky and stars
& light, while we can....

*Truth is the Heart of our Sun*
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