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Numerology is a different system than astrology. So, mixing apples with oranges won't result in anything else, but a tasty juice...

Interesting questions, though. We have letters - numbers correspondences.
When calculating our Destiny Number, we sum up all the numbers corresponding to letters and then reduce them to 0-9 plus the master numbers. In numerology, we HAVE TO reduce them, in order to find the appropriate category and get an interpretation.

But, in astrology, when we are about to use the harmonic charts in order to investigate our names, there is NO POINT in reducing them, we can calculate any harmonic chart we want.
Example: Aquarian Maverick sums up to 74. When computing the 74th harmonic chart derived from Beth's natal chart, there're some nice aspects that may explain why she choosed this nickname on this forum. For instance, the harmonic chart Ascendant is at 1 Pisces, conjunct with Forum's Mercury (that's the most important planet in the Forum's chart).
Also, in the 74th harmonic chart, Mercury (key planet on forums) is square Uranus, a perfect aspect to describe an 'Aquarian Maverick'.

I just tested this theory on myself and it seems to work very well, explaining for instance why I choose to introduce myself as 'Radu' instead of using both first names 'Radu Dan'. There're nice aspects to the Sun (personality) in the 17th harmonic chart (corresponding to 'Radu'), and hard aspects in the 27th harmonic chart (corresponding to 'Radu Dan').

This could be actually prove be a good hint on naming one's baby... I'll apply it on my own
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