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Several possible answers:

- We are sensitive to all kinds of influences, so we get a general birth chart that may be used to pinpoint all of them, using the appropriate harmonic technique.

- Who said that planets must be drawn in the natal chart as we currently do now? This is only a conventional representation of the planets positions around the zodiac. The entire thing around the harmonic charts is that they show interactions between natal chart elements that aren't really connected in the traditional way of considering the natal chart.

Let me explain the last statement: what exactly does a trine represent in the 11th harmonic chart ?! Well, that aspect in the natal chart is actually a 3*11=33th harmonic aspect, that is 360/33=10.(90) degrees aspect. Since this aspect doesn't have a name you may name it after yourself, an aqumaverick aspect. So all your planets in the natal chart that are 10.9 degrees apart or multiples of that number are in aqumaverick aspect to each other. Such as Mars and Jupiter or Jupiter and Neptune.

This idea leads us to whole new bunch of other considerents such as: why do we bother to consider only 5 major aspects and a few other minor aspects when ALL PLANETS IN A CHART ARE IN SOME KIND OF ASPECT TO ANY OTHER, for any given arc distance.

Well, I hope this post not only didn't give you a definite answer, but created a few more questions, which I await unpatiently.
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