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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

I know this is an old thread but I just had to write! I loved the way Epsilon describes his/her problems with chart interpretation because its almost spot on the way I become overwhelmed also, but with a few exceptions. I've actually been a little bit depressed about this. I've been studying Astrology for a long time now and due to a lack of funds and other materials, since joining AW, have been learning only recently certain aspects of Astrology that I frankly knew nothing about! For example, I recently learned that there is quite a difference if the Astrologer believes in the Traditional or the Modernist interpretations of Astrology. I read an excellent post explaining why the Traditional system makes so much sense to me now (no offense to all the Modern Ast. out there). I also just found out that if we don't know how to find the chart's Almuten and know about Triplicities and that day and evening births are ruled by different energies, not to mention what degree within said sign, Trigon, or decante, etc, etc. I've been reading up on all this information and it's been said over and over that knowing this is basically the cornerstone of Astrology! So I've been depressed because I thought I knew Astrology and it turns out; not nearly enough. Oh well, back to the books!

Thanks, AW. I needed to get this off my chest.

Sincerely, Serafin5

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